A harmonious artistic vision that beats with the mission of the worship space is at the heart of an inspiring space. We provide a complete range of services from developing the project parameters through management and hands-on craftsmanship.

Discerning the Vision

We have developed a process of discernment for working with parishes and congregations to understand the constellation of needs, desires and possibilities such that these can be coalesced and presented as options that reflect a unified, overall vision. Universal themes and architectural style, along with the unique mission and locale of the church, are explored.

Artist’s Renderings and Design

Artist’s renderings can be created to illustrate the proposed artistic vision and artworks and are valuable in exciting interest and support for the project. Design of related elements within the worship space—such as furnishings, reredos walls, Stations of the Cross and architectural settings for artwork—can also be created.

Project Management

Design and creation of architectural artistry is [integrally] related to its setting in the worship space and its installation or onsite execution of work. Often, it is part of a larger project that includes other trades and a full interior renewal project. Our directors are experienced project managers who stay with their projects from the first meeting with the client through the final walk-through, maintaining quality control in the studio and onsite. They are also available to coordinate scheduling, scaffolding and work with other trades if desired.

Artistic Program Consulting

In addition to this aesthetic work, we can also provide very helpful input and feedback at the design level during architectural design development– regarding aspects of the building that are integrally related to artwork, such as the type and design of stained glass window frames and the placement of beams and mouldings where murals or decoration are planned.

Specialty Contracting

Churches in particular often have need of craftsmanship more specialized than what a typical contractor can provide. We bring skills that go above and beyond the use of production materials—for example, a new confessional with custom mouldings and details to match elements of the historic interior. We also believe it means artisans who understand the unique respect and accommodation that is required for working in sacred spaces.

Areas of Expertise

  • Interior Design
  • Liturgical Consulting
  • Historic Investigation and Materials Testing
  • Plasterwork
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Conservation and Restoration
  • Narrative and Symbolic Murals
  • Stained Glass

LEED certified environmental materials and techniques available