Envisioners for What Can Be

Most of the spaces where we spend our time are not inspiring, even many religious environments. We are here to change that. The experience of inspiring spaces, which use principles of beauty and truth to achieve this, shows us how transformative such places can be – a foretaste of the heavenly city. Inspiration is not beyond reach. It does not have to be elaborate or expensive. Primarily, it needs a vision for what can be. Then experienced planning and careful craftsmanship. And adding even a single, inspired work of art can give it a whole new sense of meaning.

Leaders in the Field

The creation or renewal of sacred space offers an opportunity and a challenge that is entirely unique, which means long years of  experience with what works to uplift the liturgical environment, and how to scale beauty in a vast worship space, are key in unlocking the mystery of how to make space feel sacred and inspiring. Our leaders bring decades of combined experience in working to beautify the nation’s ecclesiastical interiors, from intimate chapels to monumental cathedrals.

Quality Craftspeople and Networks

Taking the vision through design and into implementation – paint on the wall, statues in the niches – is best served by a good working relationship between designers and craftspeople. At Inspiring Spaces, we have strong working relationships among our teams as well as with a network of collaborators throughout the country. The artists, artisans and craftspeople on our staff and within our network are among the finest in the nation, and all have contributed to award-winning projects.